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Video Transcript:



  • VO (as women enter doctor's office): A typical visit to the doctor's office. We've all been there.


  • You check in... read a magazine or two... and patiently wait your turn to see the doctor.


  • After chatting with the nurse.


  • She hands you a cup for the dreaded urine sample


  • For decades, women have been subjected to trying to position these cups just right to collect a urine sample, but often end up with wet hands, a wet toilet seat... you get the idea. If only there were  a better way...


Introducing Uro-Grip


  • A urine specimen assistant that’s designed to attach directly to the specimen cup.


  • How does it work? You simply remove the Uro-Grip from the plastic wrapper and screw it on to the specimen cup; it’s ready for use. Afterwards, unscrew the device and discard in the trash.


  • You’re done.


  • The Uro-Grip is an awesome device with a wider surface area that enables more complete funneling of the urine into the specimen cup.  The handle makes access easier and  keeps your hands from getting wet. Now, that’s a great innovation in the collection of urine samples.


  • Help us make sure that every doctor’s office has access to this great new device.




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