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Beth testimonial image.This product is awesome! It is an intelligent design that is very easy to use and beneficial for all women. The Uro Grip is easy to attach to the cup and the design eliminates splatter and more importantly dry hands. The handle makes it easy to hold while keeping your hand clean and dry. I also like that you can pour out any overage without making a mess. I would definitely recommend this product to all women. I hope to see this in my doctors office at my next appointment. I highly recommend it!

 - Beth



Jerri testimonial image.Really loved this device! The handle makes it easy to use. So much easier than the balancing act at the doctor’s office with control and no spills! Perfect for ALL ages to use, I recommend this to all medical fields for their patients.






- J. Dudley

Latoya testimonial image.Wow! Who would have thought such and awesome device would make giving a urine sample so much simpler and easier.  I can’t believe how much better this is than trying to aim in the small holes of those urine sample cups they give you, just to wind up with urine on your hands, running down your legs, it is so frustrating.   This is a “Great” device!  I believe every female would love it!   I can’t wait to see it at my doctor’s office


Signed a Happy Female

- Latoya


Janice testimonial image.Just wanted to say thank you for your product. The Uro-Grip works great, even standing up no leaks or drips.  With my kidney disease I have to test at least every 6 months and this really makes it much easier. This is perfect!  Ladies, order your Uro-Grip device today!




- Janice



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