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URO-GRIP Technology Inc.


The Uro-Grip was developed by Jacqueline and Raymond who are natives of  Tennessee.  The Uro-Grip itself began with a simple idea of frustration for Jacqueline, which she thought would benefit women all across the world. The two entrepreneurs came together to purse that idea of change.  With the help and support of family and friends ᅠthey proceeded to create the company URO-GRIP Technology Inc. in 2013.








Raymond Hunter

co-founder of URO-GRIP


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Jacqueline  Fountain

co-founder of URO-GRIP


Jacqueline Fountain Vision


Hi, I'm Jacqueline Fountain, President and Co-Owner of URO-GRIP Technology Inc.

I had a very common problem… a problem that all women share. When I had a doctor’s appointment in April 2013, I knew it was time for that dreaded urine sample, but I persevered and got through it.  Urinating on your hands, on toilets seats, and all over the place is not very pleasant.


At that moment, I thought to myself that there has to be a better way.  After pondering for several weeks, it hit me… a device that can attach directly to the specimen cup. It was then that the Uro-Grip urine specimen device was born. I shared my idea with my friend, Raymond, who immediately saw my vision as well.


Together, we experimented with several designs and finally came up with a revolutionary product. This device has a wider surface area, a handle for easier use, and screws directly on to the specimen cup.


To make a long story short, we decided to create a company to market and distribute the Uro-Grip. This device is our initial product offering, and we're looking forward to developing other unique products in the near future. Uro-Grip is coming to a doctor's office near you.




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