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  • VO (as women enter doctor's office): A typical visit to the doctor's office. We've all been there.


  • You check in... read a magazine or two... and patiently wait your turn to see the doctor.


  • After chatting with the nurse,


  • She hands you a cup for the dreaded urine sample.....

















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Uro-Grip is a disposable plastic device with a wide surface area and a handle for easier access. It attaches by screwing onto the specimen cup, after use it is then discarded. Although it was designed with females in mind, anyone can use it.  With this device, we believe that the process of reading urine samples will be more accurate. For more information read Jacqueline Fountain vision





Uro-Grip, Clean and Simple!




Problems Females Despise w / Urinating


Disgruntled female: For whatever reason I get nervous when I have to pee in a cup because I can't seem to get the cup positioned just right to get it all in and then it just makes a mess ᅠI  feel like I need a damn funnel ᅠ:))


Ta Davis: I can never aim right; I hate it, so gross. So yeah peeing in a cup is something I totally despise!


SugarKandy: HaHa!ᅠ  My doc’s office has instructions posted in the bathroom and I still can't get itright.ᅠ  My big belly gets in the way when I'm trying to position the cup, follow instructions and look down there all at once.


Jasmine: I despise having to give a urine sample, it just makes a mess. The cup is to small and always overflowing, running down your leg, hands get wet….just plain gross!!

Whenever I go to a doctor I dread having to give a urine sample. As a woman, it is just annoying and nasty. It always ends up getting on your hands and/or the sides of the cup. The Uro-grip is easy to screw onto the cup and acts as a funnel. The handle keeps your hand safely away from the cup, so it stays nice and dry. When finished it screws off easily and you can put the lid on. What a great product!


R. Bergen



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